Moldova Adoption Orphans


Children who are available for international adoption are those who classified as "orphans" by virtue of abandonment, voluntary relinquishment, termination of parental rights, or death of parents. In addition, children in the Republic of Moldova are available for international adoption only at age 24 months and up. The children reside in orphanages, which have limited resources. Orphanages provide good care but cannot replace a childs basic need for a permanent home. International adoption provides opportunities for children that would not be available without a loving family of their own.

Many children are healthy, some have minor correctable health issues and some have special needs. All children are routinely tested for HIV and Hepatitis. There are equal numbers of boys and girls

Choice of Gender/Age
The age range and gender of the child may be specified. The ability to make this choice is believed to assist in the bonding process.

After your paperwork has been registered in Moldova; at this time, referrals are expected between 3 - 9 months after registration of dossier.

Developmental delays are expected in any international adoption. We except the vast majority of children will grow and thrive in their new homes.
An International Adoption Specialist, (a physician who works with internationally adopted children), can assist you in the assessment of the risk factors of an individual child. We at Beacon House can assist you in locating one near you. This step, along with Pre-adoption education, is vital to the overall success of your adoption.


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