Adoptive Parent Profiles

Joshua & Eric

We struggled with a catchy opening sentence, but let us simply say this. We are Joshua and Eric and we thank you sincerely for considering adoption and for considering us. We have known each other for years and are now proudly able to call each other, Husband. We had a lovely wedding ceremony late last fall surrounded by friends, family and endless love. Eric is a high level executive, while Joshua a retired private chef and estate manager is a full time homemaker and future stay at home dad. As a couple we are bright, successful and funny. We love to laugh and would consider ourselves light hearted, positive and warm. We live in a beautiful stately home, situated on an acre of woodland in an upscale neighborhood of a town plucked straight from a hallmark movie. Complete with some of the countries top school systems, hospitals, cultural centers and award winning park systems. We feel so lucky and proud  to have the opportunity to start our family through the journey of adoption. We are over the moon the become the best dads we can be and expand our family. A child of ours will never know a day without unconditional love, endless opportunity and stability. Our hope is to shower our child with all they could ever desire and help them navigate their life’s path, so that they can become exactly who they dream of being. We thank you greatly for the gift you are going to bestow on some deserving family. We hope you see something special in us and welcome the chance to be the couple to bring you peace of mind that your baby will be in the loving, supportive care of two very capable and eager parents.
We wish you nothing but peace, calm and happiness on your personal journey ahead.

With our greatest appreciation,

Joshua and Eric

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