Adoptive Parent Profiles

Paul & Mary


We are Mary and Paul. Thank you so much for taking the time to read a little bit about us! We
have known each other for 7 years, been married for 3 years and are the best of friends. We are
very active, love to be outdoors, swim, run, bike and absolutely love the beach. We have been
dreaming of starting a family for a long time and are so excited for this possibility. Our dog,
Peyton is so excited too!

Our desire to adopt is founded on God’s call in our life to share our love for each other with a
child. Mary is a Nurse Practitioner working with those nearing the end of their lives in hospice
but will be a stay-at-home mom when a child enters our lives. Paul has a successful career
working for himself managing rental properties. We are blessed to live in a beautiful home on
the east coast surrounded by an amazing community and close to the water, parks, wildlife and
playgrounds. We are very close with our extended families including 29 nieces and nephews
who are so excited to welcome a cousin!

We are forever grateful that there are women like you who may give a couple like us our dream
to love and care for a child. We look forward to providing a child with a life full of unconditional
love, faith, laughter, and the never-ending opportunity to become the best person they can be.
Thank you so much for considering us on your journey!


Mary and Paul

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