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Adjusting to New Living

Yes, We do know that Russian adoptions have been in the news in not such a positive light – but what about the other 1800 children who are now living with families that embrace them in ways they never could have imagined? Well, we decided now would be a great time to help families with various ways of helping your little one adjust to their new life.

If your bundle of joy is a newborn, you perhaps have a blank slate, so to speak. That child didn’t already have a “way of doing things,”  routines, or any other learned tendencies. However, if your child is even a couple of months old, or older, they have, their learned ways of what to do. Does that mean the child’s ways are positive or the way things should be done? Not at all – but there will be challenges.

It is proven that in children as young as four months old, they are used to smells, sounds, and people that are familiar to them. The transition into their new family, just as with adults changing their environment from everything they know, can take time.

These are a couple of notes to consider when bringing home a new addition to your family – and remember to be confident in the love and purpose in that child being brought into your home. More on adjustment to new living situations coming soon!

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