Domestic Adoption Program

Founded in 1989 as a Domestic Adoption Agency, domestic adoption has long been the backbone of Beacon House Adoption Services programs. As a recognized leader in adoption services, we have assisted several thousand adoptive parents in building their families through domestic adoption. In addition, Beacon House Adoption Services provides continuous care for the needs of our birth mothers. Allowing our Domestic Adoption program to be successful for more than a quarter of a century. Our commitment to making this dream a reality is demonstrated through our flexible, comprehensive client services.

“After struggling with unexplained infertility, God had a plan that was far grander than anything my husband and I could have ever asked for. Both of our adoption experiences through Beacon House were nothing short of amazing. The staff took wonderful care of our birth mom all the way through the process, while also remaining in constant contact with us.

The adoption process can be confusing and emotional, but the staff understands the journeys a birthmother and an adoptive family take. They walked us through the process never missing a step. We were treated as family from our initial meeting through to the blessings of being matched with both our daughter and son (biological brother and sister). We love and cherish our two blessings more than words can ever express. We will always be grateful for the gift of family that Beacon House and our precious birth mother gave to us!!

Thank you Beacon House, The Castello Family”