Adoption Home Study

The Adoption Home Study (HS) is one of the most important steps toward adoption. It is required by law from your state of residence. It is a detailed written report of your family compiled by a social worker that involves interviews, background checks and the compilation of documentation to show readiness to adopt. The adoption home study provides families with the opportunity to make sure that they understand the adoption process, clearly define their adoption goals, and understand the impact of adoption.

While every Home Study agency is different, Beacon House takes about 6 – 8 weeks to complete an adoption home study. Beacon House can provide this service in several states, but in some states you may have to work with a local agency that we can help you identify.

The adoption home study and the social worker / agency completing it will constitute your approval for adoption. Sometimes the adoption home study is viewed by prospective adoptive parents as one of the most worrisome parts of the adoption process. In reality most adoption home studies are intended to help the family identify their motivation for adoption and their readiness – it is not a process designed to exclude people but to help prepare for the upcoming journey. Another way to do this is to attend educational webinars. Beacon House offers regular classes, free of charge to prospective adoptive families.