​Steps to adoption

Steps to Adoption

Steps to Adoption through Beacon House Adoption Services – to help you know how to proceed when you are ready to adopt, we are providing the steps that should be followed in order to successfully navigate the adoption process.

First and foremost, we highly recommend that you attend one or more of our free webinars to ensure that you know the process and understand the ins and outs of adoption. You can attend Adoption 101 or The home study, both of which will provide valuable information to help you prepare.

  • Submit an Application: the application form can be found right on our website
  • Execute the Contract: we offer you the opportunity to review our sample contract before you decide to complete it, and then provide a personalized contract for you
  • Complete the Adoption Home study: this is completed by an agency local to you; every state has different regulations, and Beacon House can help you locate the right agency if you are not located where Beacon House Adoption Services can provide this service
  • Create your Profile Book: our staff will help you put together an attractive book to be shown to birth mothers
  • Enter the Matching Pool (Home study and Profile can be in process as long as contract is in): Beacon House Adoption Services has a no wait list policy, which means that every birth mother who meets your criteria and would consider you will be a possible match for you
  • Pre-Adoption Education: there is certain preliminary training required of our adoptive parents and Beacon House will help you complete this
  • Birth Mother Presentation: Your profile book is shown to a potential birth mother
  • Acceptance of Match: The birth mother chooses your family
  • Take Placement: After delivery, you will take placement of the infant
  • Interstate Compact (if sending and receiving states are different): you may have to stay in the state where your baby is born for a few days while required processes take place
  • Bring Your Baby Home: this needs no explanation
  • Post Adoption Reports (must satisfy both your state of residence and the state in which finalization takes place): your local social worker will complete these with you
  • Finalization of Adoption (roughly 6-9 months from the time of placement): petition for final adoption and final hearing.
  • Provide the Required Updates to birth mother: this is a matter of what agreement was made at the time of placement; Beacon House Adoption Services will help you and the birth mother come to an agreement about updates.

The steps to adoption may vary by agency. The steps to adoption outlined here are standard to the adoption program of Beacon House Adoption Services.