Take the Helm

When sailing a boat, you have to make choices.

Deciding on a destination, how fast or slowly you want to get to your destination, whether you want to go north, south, east or west and whether to put into port for the night or stay on the boat, just to name a few. Well, there are decisions to be made when considering adoption as well. This journey is yours and the decisions you make will affect your life, the life of your baby and the lives of others.

Deciding on your destination

The first decision to be made is whether or not adoption is right for you and your baby. You have options available to you of which adoption is one. In thinking about this, there is much to consider:

  • Are you prepared to parent at this time in your life?
  • What are your circumstances in terms of having a support system to provide you with emotional and physical support once the baby is born?
  • Do you have other children? How will the addition of another child affect them?
  • Perhaps you want an unbiased counselor (non-family or friend) to help you consider these and other questions? If so, you can call us at 1-888-987-6300 to speak to someone.

How soon do you want to arrive?

Although a pregnancy is nine months long, there is nothing that is rushing you to make a decision on adoption. You can make this decision any time during your pregnancy or even after the pregnancy if you choose. This decision is always yours, when you feel you are comfortable with your choice.

North, South, East or West?

Once you decide that adoption is the path you wish to take, you will have to make decisions on the kind of adoption you would like to pursue and what your hopes and expectations are for finding an adoptive family. Adoptions and adoptive families can be very different based on your decisions. Beacon House Adoption Services provides primarily semi-open adoptions, where the birth mother and adoptive parents do meet each other and have some level of ongoing contact. This contact after the placement is really an agreement between the birth mother and the adoptive parents to each assure the other that they are in synch on their ideas.

  • Decide that adoption is the plan you wish to follow
  • Consider the level of contact you would like with the adoptive family
  • Make decisions on the type of adoptive family you would envision raising your child – traditional married couple (with or without children), single parents, same sex couples
  • Provide the information on the type of family to your case manager so she can present you with profiles to choose from.

Overnight stay in port or on a boat?

The primary consideration in making this decision is safety. We at Beacon House Adoption Services wants to make sure that whatever decision you ultimately make, you are safe and cared for and will have enough of our support to be at peace with the result.


Call 1-888-987-6300 to speak with an Adoption Coordinator or complete our Confidential Inquiry Form.  We know that this is a stressful time in your life as you make important decision about your future. Our Adoption Coordinator will explain the adoption process and is available to help you any way they can. Your confidential phone call or email will allow us to provide you with the information you need to make the best decision possible for your baby.