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Adopting a Toddler

Great resources are an abundance thanks to the internet – and that goes for books too. Another great, and incredibly insightful book is by our very own Denise Hoppenhauer. Densie penned Adopting a Toddler:What Size Does She Wear? after walking through her own adoption experience.

During her journey, Denise was able to find plenty of information on adopting newborns, but it was a different story when it came to her situation: She was adopting a toddler.  An obvious need for information, knowledge, and the experience to be written out in order to help other parents through the same process was calling out to her – and she answered.

This book is full of practical adoption advice, how much, and how to’s. Everything from naming your special one, to what goes in the toy box, or how to choose a pediatrician is explained with a sense of humor that only comes from experience.

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