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Top Ten Reasons to Adopt

There are SO many great reasons to consider adoption. We love, love, love to hear a families heart, and why they chose adoption …. Sharlene, over at shared hers:

    “There are multiple reasons my husband and I decided to adopt children. These are the top ten reasons why Adoption was right for us:
1.) We Love Children
2.) We would make good parents
3.) We were an infertile couple
4.) We had a big house with 2 dogs and a big backyard.
5.) We taught youth group at our church and loved older children.
6.) We wanted to make a difference for children.
7.) We love large families.
8.) We have values and so much love to pass on.
9.) We are stable and would be a safe place for kids to live a life without so many issues.
10.) We wanted to keep siblings together.
I am sure we could find a set of adoptive parents out there that would make us stand in wonder of how they accomplish so much for children.”

We would love to hear why you decided to adopt. Or maybe you have some questions – either way, we welcome all!!! 

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