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What to read?

We often get asked what books do we recommend? Well a personal favorite of our very own Beacon House founder, Anne Hughes, favors a story by John M. Simmons – The Marvelous Journey Home.  This amazing story is full of ups and downs and is certain to pull on your heart. 
Although most of the names have been changed, the basis of the story is from the author’s own experience in adopting from Russia it is an incredible MUST READ. As Mr. Simmons put it “May you always experience at least a little sadness, but also unspeakable joy, when you witness a father and his child embarking on their marvelous journey home. If you cry, shed only tears of happiness. Grieve only for those of us who are left behind.”
Katya lives in an orphanage in Vladivostok Russia. She is five-years-old, and as each day passes her chances of being adopted grow slimmer. She misses her long hair, the hair that was cut off when she went into the orphanage. The staff is just so overworked that they don’t have time for such frivolous duties. Katya watches as other children leave the orphanage with their new mama’s and papa’s.
Mike and Laura Knight have two biological sons, Jeff and Stephen. No longer able to have future biological children, Mike and Laura decide to adopt. They had longed for a daughter and decided to adopt a little girl from Russia. They had little chance of adopting in the US because they already had children, and Russia seemed the most stable country in dealing with international adoptions.
Mike and Laura leave Michigan and travel to Vladivostok Russia to meet their new daughter, Katya. Once there they learn Katya has a younger sister, Loubov, who is two years old and lives at a Baby Hospital in Partizansk Russia, three hours from Vladivostok. They decide to adopt both girls. The hurry-up-and-wait game begins, and the Knights’ return to Michigan anxiously awaiting the day they can return to Russia and bring their daughters home.
From Michigan to Vladivostok to Partizansk to Moscow–The Marvelous Journey to bring this family together has begun.

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