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Gage’s Story

We LOVE to read the testimonials that parents often send in about their experience, and baby Gage’s family was no different. Below is an excerpt from their story …..

In March of 2008, I met with Dawn at Beacon House Adoption Service.
She was very knowledgeable about international adoption and patiently
answeredall of my questions.  I completed my application to start the
process.  I was assigneda wonderful social worker (Stacy)  for the
completion of my home study.  I met with Stacy on multiple
occasions (both at the adoption agency and in my home) and she was
very professional and easy to work with.  Once my home study was
completed, I was assigned an international case manager (Linda) who
guided me through all of the documents that would go to Russia in my
dossier.  I also found Linda to be very friendly, professional and easy
to work with.  She answered all my questions and assisted me in
completing my paperwork.  I turned in my documents in November
of 2008.  I received my referral for Gage in the latter part of
November (2008) and accepted the referral after speaking with a
pediatrician that specializes in international adoptions (upon the
recommendation of Beacon House Adoption Services).  In
December (2008), I received notice from Linda that I had a travel
date (12/20/08) for my first trip to Russia to meet my future son. 
What an exciting day  ……. [read more]

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