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When & How to Talk to a Child about Being Adopted

We often get asked for advice on when should I talk to the child about their adoption? There are many approaches and suggestions, but we believe in being open about it from the beginning. Using the language, helping the child to understand and embrace they were chosen and placed in your family because they are special.

A good tool to use is children’s books. Using children’s books as aid can be very helpful. “Boyra and the Burps” is a really cute one about a boy adopted from a baby house in Eastern Europe. “Tell me Again about the Night I was Born” by Jamie lee Curtis is another  favorite, and chronicles when the family gets “the call” .  Some others are less conspicuous like Little Miss Spider:  “For Finding Your Mother, There’s One Certain Test. You must look for the creature, Who loves you the best.” All can be helpful to children, in a non-threatening way, to approach the subject of adoption.

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