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Bonding with Your Child: It’s Bedtime!

Bedtime Routine: A child’s bedtime routine offers exactly that : routine, which in most children [and adults] brings enormous comfort. Almost everyone, old and young have one, and can tell you what their routine was as a child.

Using this time to build on verbal affirmation is some times easier for the child to accept  [if they were adopted a little older/depending on their comfort level]. Children and adults are more apt to emotionally respond when he/she is tired.

Telling stories, talking about the day, saying a bedtime prayer, all are great habits to develop with your little one. Using those couple of minutes to focus on your child alone is also a healthy habit for us parents. Pushing aside the worries of the day and focusing alone one our amazing little gift: our child. Letting your child know you love them and they can always count on you, and of course fill it with hugs and kisses builds a strong bond of love that will never be forgotten.

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