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Raising Money for Adoption

As with most things in life – there are an abundance of choices to help you combat the expense of adoption. A friend of mine, who is in the process of an international adoption, is taking the garage sale to the next level. We have all heard of having a garage sale to bring in some extra cash [especially for such a great cause!!]  Asking your friends and family to pitch in items they wouldn’t mind donating is also a given – but having a national garage sell – via your family across the country is a swell idea!! And that’s just what she is doing.

My darling friend has pulled in the troops. She has engaged and built excitement amongst her family – in five different states! They will each be holding a garage sell in their community – while all the funding is going to her. She of course has set up a way of taking online payments [by means of paypal] for those wanting to help and the convenience factor of the immediate transactions are a plus.

It’s a fun idea and a great way to build stronger relational ties in your own community and build support for adoption – just don’t forget to set up your online donation site!! 🙂

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