Lighthouse Thoughts

“Acts of Service”

We’ve been looking at The Five Love Languages in an overview concept of learning how to be better communicators with our children, our spouse, and those around us.

If your child, or someone you know, primarily communicates love through the language of acts of service, you will notice they are incredibly appreciative and fulfilled by you stepping in and taking on the burden of their ‘chores.’ If it is a child, it might mean helping them pick up their toys on given days, or vacuuming the floors for your spouse.

With children, this love language is detected by recognizing if the child consistently is ‘doing chores’ for their parent. One thing for certain, is people most often communicate love in the way they feel most loved.

Being aware of how others communicate love is a key to making sure, as a parent, you are ‘filling’ our child’s ‘love tank.’

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