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Celebrating the Fourth of July is a national tradition and is a great way to continue building family traditions for your family and your kids. Summer fun has started, trips to the park, the pool, the zoo, and of course summer camp are in full swing. As the sun heats up, it is always a good idea to not only participate on local community activities with your kids, but also create your own.

These are a couple of our favorite 4th of July activities:

1)Flag Making: Using construction paper, colors and glue, and a little glitter always takes the cake! This is not only good for boosting your kids creative gene’s, but is also a good opportunity to share the meaning of the Fourth of July.

2) Reenactment [this is best for older children] : Encourage your kids to put on a play [or solo act] of what Fourth of July means to them, in a fun, anything goes kind of way. Being full of their parent’s encouragement has positive effects on the child’s self esteem. Not to mention having the solid attention of their parents for the duration of their ‘play’ is reaffirming, reassuring, and strengthens your bond with your child.

No matter your activity – just have fun and love wide open. Because when you love wide open, your kids do too.

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