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Receiving Gifts

Who doesn’t love to receive gifts? Well, the truth is, for some receiving a gift is the very thing that helps to fill their ‘love tank’. It isn’t so much what the gift is, as the thought and effort one puts into thinking of them – that is what helps them feel LOVED.

This love language can often be recognized as we grow up and become adults. Usually, the person who communicates mostly by giving gifts to others, is simply communicating in their love language. This is where our love tank can often become drained because we communicate our love to others in the manor that would mean the most to us.

With children, they can’t go out and purchase gifts for obvious reasons, so they are likely to make their parent’s cards, or such as their ‘gift giving.’ The ‘giving of gifts’ does not have to have a fancy price tag or brand name, it’s not about what it is, so much as the act.

If your child [or spouse] is a gift giver, consider that gift giving might be their way of communicating your place in their heart – and then surprise them with a well thought of gift that lets them know they are just as special to you.

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