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“Words of Affirmation”

So what exactly does “words of affirmation” mean or include? It is positive verbal compliments, reassurance, and of course hearing “I Love You” is a necessity for the person whose primary love language is verbal affirmation. Hearing why you are loved, or what the person thinks is wonderful about you, does wonders in keeping your ‘love tank’ nice and full!

One of the many key factors to understanding words of affirmation is to understand verbal affirmation develops and keeps the communication lines open. A child or teenager is fully aware if they live in a home where communication is accepted and encouraged or the opposite. With communication [and positive reinforcement through verbal affirmation], a child is more likely to come to his/her parents with problems or choices in life. They know their family will be supportive, and even when disagreements arise, they are done in a manner of love and respect.

With adoption, communication can be touchy when referring to the topic of adoption. Some parents choose to be very open from the beginning, others decide to tell the child when they are older, and so forth. At the end of day, whatever your choice, you always want the child to feel as though they can come to you. By being aware, you are able to develop a strong and positive line of communication with your children from an early age.

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