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Andrew’s Story

 At Beacon House Adoption, we truly become family with our families that choose to adopt using our services. We honestly end up falling in love with them, getting to watch them, and be a part of their dream, … a part of their story. Sometimes, when I am just sitting and thinking about what we are able to do, tears swell in my eyes at the joy the family and the children get to experience and grow in on their journey through life. I am in awe that we get to be part of the blessing of the spirit of adoption, and that never ceases to amaze me.

Below is a short story from Michael about he and Hope’s journey as they adopted Andrew …..

“Hope and I spent years longing to fill the emptiness and heartache that comes from not being able to have a child. After suffering many things from doctors who offered no real hope, we finally decided to try to adopt. We started our paperwork to adopt in January 2003. A few months later, on Hope’s birthday, Margie from Beacon House called to say that she had a possible match. A few months later Margie handed us our little girl, Hannah. Hope cried and trembled as she held her and realized our lifelong dream had finally come true. Througout the entire process, Margie and Dawn were both helpful, patient and comforting. Margie and Dawn worked really hard, and yet still had time to endure my constant phone messages asking, “Is she here yet?”. Fifteen months later, we called Margie again to ask her to help us expand our family. A week later, she called us with another match, our first born son, Josiah. Ann was extremely involved with us and helped us bring Josiah home. She too was patient and helpful throughout the process. Both of these children filled our once quiet home with wonder and laughter. We get to watch them grow, help each other and learn from each other. When we called Margie for a third child she was surprised. Her humor and cheerfulness made the third adption seem better. This one took a little longer to find, but she was patient with us the entire time. She helped us understand what to expect and how long the wait might take. At long last she called us with a match. We were overjoyed with the news. We even got to meet the birth mother and grandmoither this time and were glad to get the chance. Each time, we could tell that Margie has a good rapport with the birth mothers. Often times when we would call to check on how the baby and birth mothers were doing, she could tell us first hand as she was either with them at that time or had just left them. Her hands on help is a large part of the reason that Beacon House is such a good agency to use. By helping us adopt little Andrew, our other children were able to see firsthand what all is involved in adoption and have come to appreciate it even more. They can relay their memories to Andrew when he is older and wants to hear his story of how he came to be.

….. to complete this awesome testimony of their journey go [here].

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