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Russian Adoption: Update

A US-Russian adoption treaty is in sight, according to This of course comes after months of looking into the current state of Russian adoptions by United States parents. The United States is one of the largest source for adoptions of the Russian children who are available for adoption. [To learn more about the state of children in Russia and the rapidly growing numbers check this out]

“MOSCOW, Sept. 30 (UPI) — Moscow and Washington are likely to sign a child-adoption agreement within three months, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said Thursday.

“The text of the Russian-U.S. agreement on cooperation in international adoptions, intended to provide solid guarantees of adopted children’s rights, was agreed upon during the bilateral consultations in July,” Andrei Nesterenko told journalists in Moscow. A final round of consultations could lead to the signing by Dec. 31, the Russian Information Agency Novosti quoted Nesterenko as saying.
The U.S. State Department had no immediate comment on the possible signing.

Russia was the third leading source of adopted children in the United States in 2009, after China and Ethiopia, State Department figured indicate.”

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