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“The Power of Words: Reaping what you Sow”

As we saw [here] it starts with your thoughts – and learning to control those can lead to success in ensuring positive words come from our mouth. There are two things that come from our lips. Life or death, blessing or cursing, encouragement or tearing down, and above all it is our choice.

Some of us might not have ever considered this before. It might be the norm for us to tear down others, even our own family because this is what we grew up with. But consider this, the little ears and life running around that YOU get the chance to shape, to pour into, to love, to raise.

It seems as though if you are a family – then you automatically love each other – but if the words you speak are tearing down, cutting, and breaking your children or spouse,  then acknowledging the truth and reality is the first step. Awareness that your everyday words, words when you get angry, all words – are sinking into your children. This isn’t something you get another shot at.

As your children grow, it’s often easy to excuse rude behavior as ‘just a teenager’ or bad choice of friends as reflection of the school, and so forth. If your child is really sarcastic and disrespectful, the first thing to do is ask yourself why? Where did they learn that and why do they perceive it as acceptable behavior towards, of all people, their parents? These things all relate to reaping what you sow into your children. Children are beautiful gifts that are too be loved, encouraged, and shouted on through the course of life – and we get to be the ones to do it.

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