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Update on Russia: March 2011

Despite a lot of misinformation about Russian adoption, it continues to be one of the most well established and consistent adoption programs. Since 1999 when we began the adoption process to adopt our first child, Russia has never issued a moratorium on adoption. There have been times when adoption has slowed down and sped up, and individual agencies or regions have stopped placing children from Russia; however, Russia continues to be one of the top countries of choice for international adoption.

In 2010 Beacon House families averaged 13.5 months form the time they started the application process to the time their child came home from Russia. Adoptions from Russia are being processed, business as usual, with little waits for boys and short waits for girls.

Most children available for adoption are Caucasian. The average age child at the time of adoption is 15-18 months. Health wise, children adopted from Russia usually range from good – minor, correctable special needs. A Pediatrician who specializes in international adoption medicine can help you access the risk factors as they relate to an individual child. Children adopted from Russia can be expected to grow and thrive in there new homes.

Families, who are interested in learning more about Russian adoption, can get the most up to date information about our Russian adoption programs by attending a Russian Adoption Webinar, or attending an adoption workshop.

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