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From First to Last

If you’ve ever read any of the Beacon House newsletters or blogs, you might have heard me talk about all the first time events you share with your adopted child: his first smile, the first time he says Mommy, the first birthday party, and first day of school.

But this week, as my youngest child approaches elementary school graduation, I am thinking of last instead of first. The last lunch date in the school cafeteria, the last time I have to drive the carpool, the limo ride on the last day of elementary school (yes, this is a tradition at his elementary school) his last day of safety patrol, his last Valentines Party, and last field trip he wants me to chaperone, and of course the graduation cermony.

Yes my baby is growing up- WAY too fast. It seems like just yesterday we were on our trip to Russia to bring him home. During these eight, short years he has morphed from a clumsy little boy, to a competitive athlete. One who lost a lot of frogs in pre-school, to one who gets compliments for being responsible, well mannered, and courteous. Yes, they grow up too fast but they do grow in many ways. He’s grown from a child who was scared to love to one who loves me enormously.  Now it’s time for the next chapter of his life- middle school here we come!


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