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The Reluctant Dad

The Reluctant Dad originally ran in the Beacon House, June 2009, Newsletter. We received such positive response that we have ran every year since.

The Reluctant Dad

Other than the infertility issues we have experienced, everything is good. Why change that? My wife wants to adopt, but I’m not sure. Do I want to raise someone else’s’ child? Can I love a child that is not biologically related to me? My wife is not biologically related to me, and I love her…

Each day, I helplessly watch as my wife grows more despondent. Giving her injections for fertility treatments was easier than this. I am not sure what to do.

Reluctantly, I agreed to meet with an adoption coordinator. The agency was very positive and my wife is ecstatic. I haven’t seen her happier in months. I am cautiously optimist.

We received a referral! It happened sooner than I expected so I was not prepared. I wasn’t sure how I felt, but as I looked at the tiny picture I made a vow to myself that I would protect and keep him safe.

Today they placed my child in my arms for the very first time. Our eyes met and I knew that this was what we had been waiting for. Silently, my eyes filled with tears at the overwhelming sense of relief I felt. In that moment I knew everything would be okay. Today, I became a Dad.

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