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Uncle Pete

Shortly before the adoption of our daughter, my husband’s Great Uncle Pete came to live with my inlaws. Uncle Pete was a widower; Aunt Thea had passed away some 30 years prior and they didn’t have any children.

Known as an “Outlaw”, rather than an inlaw because he had married into the family and was not a blood relative, he was quiet the character at 92 years old. I have fond memoires of him dancing at our wedding and he drove his car- until the time we confiscated it at the ripe old age of 89. His favorite saying: “wise is the man who knows nothing.” (Okay girls, I am not even going there- it’s just too easy.)

I recently learned that none of Uncle Pete’s brothers had children either- apparently a male infertiley issue ran in his family. When we decided to adopt, he was one of our biggest supporters. Uncle Pete lived long enough to see Callie home from Russia.

They had a unique bond: she in her bib, needing assistance at dinner- he on the other end of the spectrum, requiring the same assistance. Intuitively she understood and he in turn adored her. She was a dream come true for us and in a sense for Uncle Pete too. At 92 years old his greatest regret in life was that he and Aunt Thea had not adopted.

We miss you Uncle Pete!

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