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Domestic Versus International Adoption

Deciding to move forward with an adoption is often the culmination of a lot of time, research, and soul searching. When it’s time to choose, there are many reasons why people decide domestic versus international adoption. When it comes to adoption, there is no right or wrong. It is an extremely personal decision and adoptive parents need to make the choice that is right for them and their family. No matter which type of adoption, a family is formed. Some of the factors to consider are:


  • The cost for a domestic adoption may be less expensive.
  • Less paperwork than with international. 
  • Less travel/no international travel.
  • A child can be placed with a family shortly after birth.
  • Child has ability to try to locate birth parents as an adult.
  • Often more medical information and family history available.
  • Adopting a child of a same or different race.
  • Connection to a birthmother/family.

  • More children available for adoption.
  • Little chance that the birth parents will try to locate the adopted child
  • Not being matched with birthparents or birthmother changing her mind.
  • Not competing with other would be adoptive parents.
  • Wanting to adopt more than 1 child at a time.
  • Adopting a toddler or older child.
  • A connection or family heritage with a particular country or culture.
  • A desire to provide a home for a child who resides in an orphanage.
  • Easier to estimate length of time of adoption process.

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