Lighthouse Thoughts

Tips for New Parents

• Remain Calm, count to ten, and most importantly, and don’t lose your temper.
• Learn the child’s native language. (This was invaluable.)
• Remember your child is scared. Try to find ways to reassure and comfort him.
• Don’t self diagnose or assume your child has a medical condition, developmental or behavioral disorder based on a short period of time together. If a condition continues or worsens, seek help as needed.
• If your child has developmental delays, get him involved early intervention services ASAP. Services include child development center programs, early intervention, English as a second language (ESL), speech, physical and occupational therapy, etc.
• Find a post adoption support organization.
• Use simple attachment play.
• Pick your child up when he cries. If he has a minor injury, comfort first: ask questions later.
• Establish a routine.
• Feed them as often as they are hungry.
• Try to identify and remove causes of anxiety.

Don’t forget to…
• Apply for a new birth certificate and social security card for your child
• Add your child to your health and life insurance
• Be your child’s best advocate. Take advantage of available financial & medical subsidies, tax credits, reimbursements, & other post adoption services.

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