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Pre-Adoption Education

Adoption requires certain educational, cultural, developmental and medical awareness in order to best prepare for the arrival of your child.  Proper preparation is essential to the success of the placement and we believe it is vital for adoptive parents to develop an understanding of the complex issues of adoption.
Because you are your child’s best advocate, a critical part of the adoption process is preparation.  Preadoption education and training help you prepare for your child’s needs. In addition to pre-adoption workshops, webinars and consultations which are designed to help families learn about the different types of adoption, parents in progress also should taking additional parenting classes, when possible.
At Beacon House international adoptive families are required to take a minimum of 10 training hours of Hague approved training. Domestic Adoptive families may take courses in Infant and Child CPR, baby care, parenting an adopted child, Transracial adoption, and more.
At Beacon House we offer FREE Parent in Progress (PIP) classes/webinars designed specifically, for our adoptive families. These webinars have recently been updated and are offered exclusively to our families most months throughout the year. 
Please join us for Parents in Progress: Choosing A Pediatrician
Fri, July 25, 9pm EST, 8pm CST

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