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Single Parent Adoption

Adoption is a lifetime commitment that provides the nurturing, love, and security that all children deserve.  In order to secure families that provide a stable and nurturing environment for a child, many adoption agencies now recognize that this can be achieved through both two- parent and single parent homes.   
Single parents adopt for many of the same reasons as married couples. They have the desire to have a family and to nurture and raise a child. Single parents approach adoption with the same commitment as a married couple. Most single adoptive parents are female. Support from family and friends is important and children need role models of the opposite sex: a Grandfather, Uncle, etc.   
Single parents are usually of higher education and incomes than the national average. Singles have concentrated on their careers and have established a stable home and work environment that would benefit a child.  While many singles have successfully adopted newborns, others may find their career may conflict with the demands of an infant, and adopt a toddler or school age child.

A single parent can provide a loving and nurturing home for a child. There are many children that need love and security and single parents often feel this need. While some agencies may have restrictions on Single Parent Adoptions,  we at Beacon House are committed to having programs which will allow single women to adopt. 

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