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The Cajun Stork

In may of this year, we unexpectedly lost our Cajun Stork, Domestic Adoption Coordinator Margie Mathis, after a valiant battle with an extended illness.
Ms Margie started at Beacon House when her mother- in-law; who assisted Birthmothers, asked her to help “take care of her girls while she was on vacation.” She often joked that her Mother- in-law “lied” when she told her it was a part- time job. That was more than 20 years ago and part time hours were replaced by overtime. 
Her favorite part of the job was building families but she also believed that in her role as Domestic Coordinator that she also had the “opportunity to meet and get to know the most wonderful people.” “Especially the Birthmothers,” She was passionate about her work with birthmother. Describing them as “ the most dear and unselfish women you could ever meet.”  “They love their babies and are unselfishly doing this for their child.”    
It was clear when speaking to Ms. Margie that she loved her Birthmothers and Birthmothers loved her compassionate, and understanding.
Steve Jobs said that “the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Ms Margie exemplified this trait: loving what she did, passionate about her work, and committed to helping others. During her tenure with Beacon House, she assisted hundreds of birthmothers and families on their adoption journey.

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