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Choosing Childcare

If you are returning to work after the adoption of your child, or you need an occasional night out without kids, consider your options and then screen, select, and check references on sitters or programs that you may be more interested in.
Your best resources come from other parents. Ask friends, coworkers, your doctor’s office, your social worker, or your adoption agency for suggestions. Sources could include your church, child development centers, newspaper ads, or other child-care agencies, including those that specialize in nannies or au pairs.
Before you interview a sitter or visit a daycare/ or preschool center, decide what is important to you and prepare a list of questions. When trying to determine which program is best for you, consider the following:
·        Is the daycare licensed or registered per state requirements?
·        How long has it been in operation?
·        What are the caregiver’s qualifications?
·        What are the admissions requirements?
·        Is the location convenient, and do the hours of operation suit your needs?
·        Do they charge late fees?
·        What is the pickup and drop-off policy?
·        What is the child to caregiver ratio?
·        Do they have an open-door policy?
·        Do caretakers have training in CPR or first aid?
·        Are the premises neat and clean?
·        Are safety features or other childproofing devices visible?
·        How do they handle child conflict or discipline? 

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