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Funding Your Adoption

Funding an adoption can sometimes be a roadblock for families who wish to build a family through adoption. Thanks, to an increase in adoption awareness more avenues are available for assistance than ever before and there are many creative ways to help off set the cost of an adoption.
    When it comes to funding adoption, where there is a will, there is a way. Make a financial plan.  Break down the total cost of your adoption, know an approximate time frame as to when fees are due, and decide the source of the funds for each phase.
   In order to set up a plan, you need to know how much money you are spending and where. Look to see  where can you cut cost and create a budget.  For: example if you eat lunch with coworkers 3x’s a week at $10.00 per lunch and reduce that to 1 x a week, you can save app. $15.00 a week by bringing your lunch.  $15.00 x 4 weeks equal a savings of $60.00 a month. The same principle applies to eating dinner in a restaurant or regular homebrewed coffee on the way to work versus, more expense drive through lattes.
   Put as much money as possible into your adoption fund. Set up a savings account that pays interest. While you probably won’t be able to fund your entire adoption by reducing spending, you can significantly impact it. By combining reduced spending and actively finding other ways to increase income you can successfully build your adoption fund.
Creative Ideas that adoptive families have used include : 
·          Cut food budget- use more coupons
·          Eat out less/Take your lunch 
·          Cut out or reduce cable, newspaper, etc. 
·          Raise/lower your thermostat
·          Raise insurance deductibles
·          Refinance at lower rates
·          Drop club memberships
·          Reduce non-essential purchases
·          Sell items on eBay
·          Have a garage sale, ask friends for donations or to help.
·          Take a second job or part-time job
·        Hold a fundraiser: spaghetti dinner or bake sale
For more info on financing adoption, see

BHAS is the first adoption agency of its type to have an Adoption Finance Coach available to assist our families.  

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