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Letters to Birthmother’s

No matter what type of adoption you are in: international or domestic, your child’s birthmother made a difficult choice that has given you a child to love forever.  Regardless of their situations, without the courageous decisions of birthmothers around the world, many of us would not be mothers or future mothers. 
Take a moment to show your birth mother that you remember her: Light a candle, say a prayer, send her a note, and if your children are old enough to participate include them in the process as well.
What to include in the letters and updates to your Birthmother: 
·    Tell us about your child, his/her personality, funny stories, likes and dislikes, milestones, etc. 
·    Individual pictures or ones with family that helps us to see that she is happy.  
·    Tell us about places you’ve visited, actives the child participates in, things he is good (or bad)  at. 
·    It’s not always about what you say, but the care you put into sending letters or pictures. 
·    If your child is old enough, send picture she has made.                     

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