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5 Common Myths about Domestic Adoption

Myth- It takes years to complete a domestic adoption.
Reality- The average time frame to complete a Domestic Adoption is 1-2 years.
Myth- Women who place children for adoption, have abandoned their child, and do so, due to selfish reasons. 
Reality-Most Birthmother’s choose adoption because they want, what they believe, is the best thing for there child. For most this is a heart wrenching decision.
Myth- If I adopt domestically, the birthparents might change their mind after the adoption is finalized.
Reality- It is estimated that less than one percent of Domestic adoptions are legally contested after the relinquishment of parental rights. Despite media sensationalism of a few high profile cases, an overturned adoption is extremely rare. 

Myth- Most birthparents are teens gone wild.
Reality- The majority of birthparents are in their twenties and thirties. Many may already have a child, and additional children would be a hardship for the family.

Myth- There are few babies available for adoption.
Reality- Each year there are over 20,000 infants placed for adoption in the Untied States. 

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