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How Long Does It Take to Adopt Domestically?

Chances are that if you have started discussing adoption with friends and family, you’ve already been told many tale tales, myths and lifetime movie plots.  The most common misconception about Domestic Adoption is the wait time.  Lay people often mistakenly believe that it takes years to adopt domestically.  Most are surprised to learn that most families successfully adopt within two years of beginning the adoption process.
While there are many factors than can affect wait time: how long it takes to get matched, and how far along the pregnancy is, are the two most common.  Families who have fewer restrictions can navigate the adoption process faster than families who have very limited criteria for their adoption match. Criteria that may effect wait time:
  1. Gender Selection- Limiting the sex of the child you wish to adopt will increase wait times. Furthermore, if sex of the baby is “known” there is no guarantee of accuracy of these tests.
  2. Race- Do you wish to adopt a child of the same race or are you open to a Transracial Adoption. 
  3. Type of adoption- Closed, versus Semi-Open
  4. Budget- An adoption budget needs to include, agency fees, birthmothers expenses, travel, and possibly attorney fees.
  5. Geographical or travel restrictions may limit your ability to pursue an adoption. 

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