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Semi-Open Adoption and Birthparents

The degree of openness in a semi-open adoption is pre-determined and agreed upon by both the birthparents and adoptive parents. There are a number of advantages to semi-open adoption for Birthparents.
Birthparents may have some degree of control, during the matching process. Birthparents are able to review a ProfileBook, and possibly interview prospective adoptive parents. Birthparents are able to choose the adoptive parents. Communication may take place through the agency or via telephone communication.  The sharing of non-identifying information provides a sense of privacy to the birthparents.
Communication, as predetermined prior to placement between the adoptive parents and birthparents may include: photographs, letters, or phone calls, and more. This communication can assist birthparents in improved mourning, or lesson guilt that they may experience after placement. It may provide birthparents with a better overall sense of security of the well-being of the adopted child. 

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