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Semi-Open Adoption and the Adoptive Parent.

With semi-open adoption there are a number of advantages for all members of the adoption tirade: birth parents, adoptive parents, and the adopted child.  For the adoptive parents, benefits may include access to background information on the child’s birth parents: social, educational, and health history.
In semi-open adoption it may also be possible to maintain contact with the Birth Family after the adoption is finalized. While the degrees of openness will vary based upon a pre-determined adoption plan, adoptive families may be able to request additional medical history/information should the need arise.
Adoptive parents may have an increased since of confidence regarding birth parent intentions or goals. This more clearly defined arrangement may make each party’s role easier to manage and maintain. Additionally, adoptive parents who were chosen by their child’s birthparents, may have an increased sense of confidence regarding their parental roles and abilities.

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