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The Adoption Homestudy

An Adoption Homestudy is an important, step of adoption. It is a required, detailed written report of your family compiled, and prepared by a social worker.  Everyone who wishes to adopt must complete an adoption homestudy, regardless of what type of adoption they are doing.
The homestudy process requires the prospective adoptive family to gather documents, answer questions, and explore their reasons for adopting.  In addition to ensuring that you meet adoption requirements, the homestudy provides families with the opportunity to make sure that they understand the adoption process, clearly define adoption goals, and understand the impact of adoption. 
The Adoption Homestudy is often viewed by prospective adoptive parents as one of the most worrisome parts of the adoption process. However, in reality most homestudies are fairly benign. It does however help to prepare in advance. One way to do this is to attend an educational webinar. At Beacon House we offer this class monthly, free of charge to prospective adoptive families. For available dates and times see:

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