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Bonding with Baby

Bonding an attachment are a natural part of the parent /child relationship.  The ordinary, daily necessary care that we give our baby facilitates this vital process. Bonding occurs when consistently meeting your babies’ needs. By responding immediately to your baby when he is distressed, you build trust. Overtime he will understand that you will meet his needs. Over time you’ll get to know the difference between his cries.
Hold and cuddle your baby as much as possible during the day. When possible (or necessary) use a front facing baby carrier or sling. When cuddling with baby, optimize skin to skin contact and stroke your baby.  Take a baby massage class to help learn ways to touch baby and strengthen your bond. 
When holding your baby, especially when she is feeding, look into her eyes, smile, and talk to her. Babies love their Mom’s voice, even when if can not carry a tune. Talk to your baby throughout the day. This stimulates her brain, and sets the stage for learning. The attachment between you and baby is a vital part of growth, development and your child’s general sense of well-being. 

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