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Proper Preparation Makes for a Fun-Filled, Safe Halloween

Halloween can be a scary, exiting holiday for kids but imaginations may run wild with visions of ghost and goblins dancing in their heads. Prepare children in advance, especially first time celebrants or children who have a tendency towards anxiety or sleep issues. Teach children what is real versus pretend.  Start slow and follow your child’s lead- If he’s not ready, don’t force him. Reassure children that they are safe and use the following safety precautions: 
  • Make sure children can be seen: use glo-sticks, flashlight, reflectors, etc. 
  • Watch out for cars, and always use the sidewalk when available. 
  • Don’t trip out: make sure costumes are not to long, shoes can’t get caught on costumes, and shoes are comfortable for walking. 
  • Don’t wear mask that obscure vision. 
  • Wear Flame resistant costumes and keep pumpkins, candles, matches out of children’s reach.  
  • Children under age 12 need to be with an adult. Use the Buddy System
  • What not to eat- Our rules are simple: children must ask before eating anything. Our back up plan is teaching them to not eat anything opened, given to  them by a stranger, and don’t eat candy while trick or treating. 

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