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Things that Go Bump in the Night

     Halloween is supposed to be a fun fall holiday, but for kids who are experiencing it for the first time it can be scary and overwhelming. Some children have never been trick or treating or never seen someone dressed in a werewolf costume or covered in fake blood. For some, it may seem that Baba Yaga: the stuff of nightmares has come to life. 

What Can you do to Help Kids Prepare for Halloween?

 • When you read seasonal books together, you get the added bonus of snuggling up with your child on the sofa.

• Check out the Halloween department in your local Target or Walmart- Allow your child to touch and see that these items are not real. Be sure to follow his lead and leave the area if necessary. 

• Watch kid friendly Halloween shows or movies like It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Visit a pumpkin patch and carve a pumpkin. Pulling out the gooey insides is a great sensory rich experience. 

• Let kids choose their Halloween costume. (Each year my daughters gets a bit scarier, and she has used this as a way to conquer her fear. ) 

• Have a special Halloween dinner, Be creative, think length wise-sliced hotdogs for worms, buy special items like ghost chips or Halloween shaped pasta. Pressed for time try a frozen Pizza and top with cheese squares cut into Halloween shapes.

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