Lighthouse Thoughts

Why Choose Beacon House’s Domestic Adoption Program?

  1. We work with a limited of number of families at a time.
  2. The No Wait List policy- Every family whose criteria matches is eligible to be matched with a potential adoption match.
  3. Families are eligible to be Matched once their contracts are executed. 
  4. Most families complete their adoptions in 1-2 years, 
  5. 99% of the children we place are infants. 
  6. In-house recruitment of Birthmothers.  
  7. Each Birthmother assigned a caseworker responsible for seeing to her needs.
  8. Birthmothers are provided with extensive counseling.
  9. Many of our Birthmothers are refereed to us by other Birthmothers.
  10. Experienced with US Adoption  Law. 
  11. Experienced staff that is able to provide for Birthmother’s needs as well as that of the Adoptive Families.
  12. More than 25 years of Service.

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