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Christmas Shopping with Children

It’s the holidays; you’ve got Christmas shopping to do. The hustle and bustle is more than enough to make an adults head spin. Imagine the sensory overload that your child must be experiencing: Christmas music blasting, glimpses of Santa, visions of Sugarplum dancing in their heads.  
If you can, the best thing you can do, is leave your child at home while you do your holiday shopping. Going from store to store, store to car, etc., can lead to transitional meltdowns. If your child must accompany you on holiday errands, try to keep your to do list small.  Limit it to no more than 3 stops per outing.
Don’t squeeze in shopping with a trip to the mall to get your child’s picture taken with Santa. Few children want to spend three hours shopping in their holiday clothes. Making it a special event will be more meaningful for everyone.
Sticking to your child’s routine, maintaining good nutrition, and balancing plenty of rest and activities, will help your family have a safe and healthy holiday, while keeping everyone off Santa’s “naughty” list.

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