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Why Choose Beacon House?

Beacon House Adoption Services, Inc. is a Licensed Non-profit, 501(c) (3) Adoption Agency, specializing in Domestic Infant Adoption. For more than 25 years BHAS has work diligently to serve all members of the adoption triad.  

About Beacon House
·         Established in 1989
·         More than 5,500 adoption completed
·         More than 75 years combined experience
·         Low staff turnover
·         Licensed in multiple states and regional offices.
Domestic Infant Adoption
·         No wait list policy
·         Only working with a limited of number of families at a time.
·         In-house recruitment of Birthmothers.
·         Each Birthmother assigned a caseworker responsible for seeing to her needs. Birthmothers are provided with extensive counseling.
·         Experienced staff providing for Birthmother’s needs and the adoptive family’s.
·         Excellent record and high success rate of placing newborns.
Why Choose Beacon House?
You want individualized, personal service combined with the resources and experience of an agency with a well-established adoption program.
We at Beacon House recognize the importance in making critical decisions regarding adoption. We offer information about the different types of adoption, suggestions for resources, questions and answers, and factors to consider when deciding which type of adoption might be right for you.  We offer a number of FREE Adoption Webinars to assist you in learning more about adoption. See:

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