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Attachment: Be Predictable

     Be PredictableYour child needs to know that when he needs you, you’ll be there. Promptly respond to his cries, yells, or calls.  This is the fundamental basis of attachment.  

Create a Routine
Create rituals and routines. Routines are reassuring and help a child built increases confidence. Don’t rush to change feeding or nap times. Children who have an idea of what to expect, experience less stress. Create a bedtime ritual; massage baby, bath before bed; sing a certain song, or for older children read a book. You will create memories that will help create a stronger attachment.
Be emotionally available
Children are in-tune to their parent’s emotional state. They should see a range of expressions and emotions. It may be necessary for to talk with your child and explain how you are feeling. This will help them begin to understand and express their own emotions.
If a child is verbal and he has words to use to describe his feelings, then he is less likely to act out or internalize them. If your child is acting inappropriate, don’t take their behavior personally. If your child is upset and rejects a parent, or refuses to cuddle, it is important to remember that your child’s ability to express emotion is not yet fully developed.

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