Lighthouse Thoughts

2 Mom’s and an IEP

   Two Moms are walking into IEP meetings.  One resents the fact that she has to go to an IEP for her child. She had to take time off from work, the meetings are always the same, nothing really helps and she is angry and frustrated. This is not what she bargained for. 
The other Mom is nervous, but excited. Finally, she may be able to get some help for her struggling child. All the pieces to the puzzle are coming together and she believes these much needed services will benefit her child. It was a lot of work to get this point, but she’ll do whatever it takes to help her child.
Two parents: two different outlooks. Sadly, it is easy to predict two different outcomes for the children involved. Parents are their child’s best advocate. No one knows their child better than they do. Parents who are better able to advocate for their children and utilize the resources that are available will have children with an overall greater success story.

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