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April Showers

From time to time, I hear people ask whether it is appropriate to throw a shower for an adopted child. That answer is a resounding YES! It is a perfectly acceptable practice to throw a shower for an adopted child.

While pregnancy is an exciting time for a mother-to-be, it is equally exciting or perhaps even more so for adoptive parents because they may have undergone- sometimes years of watching their friends and coworkers announce their pregnancies. When it’s finally their turn, no one deserves it more.

The hardest part of planning a shower for adoptive parents is trying to choose the date. There can be unexpected delays or the outside chance that an adoption could fall through before or after the shower has been given. Even considering these unique situations, there are many creative ways to throw a shower for adoptive parents.

A Secret Shower: This shower is perfect for people who have little notice and have done little or no preparation. They may need everything. The items are delivered to the couple’s home with a single card form the group.

A One-Month or Coming-Out Shower: This shower is thrown a few weeks or a month after the child arrives. It’s a great way to introduce friends to the new addition, and it gives both parents and child an adjustment period.

The Traditional Shower: Although this type of shower can actually be the most helpful in preparing for a new child, it can also be the trickiest as parents may have limited notice regarding the new arrival.

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