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Are we there yet?

Chances are, that even if you didn’t plan a Spring Break getaway, you are planing a summer vacation. Vacations are supposed to be fun, but traveling with a young child can also present many challenges. One of those is boredom or I should say boredom initiated, irritability: are we there yet, she’s touching me, he’s on my side of the car, I’m hot, I‘m hungry, or I need to go to the bathroom.
Keeping active brains inspired, may take a little preplanning. Each of our children put together a Mom proofed backpack of toys and things to do in the car or when they arrive. We often assist our children in how they use their time in the car. We break it down depending on destination and planned stops.

Activities include reading, workbooks, playing with the toys, and engaging in family activities like Counting Cows, I Spy, or the Alphabet Game, which only requires using the things that we can see from the car window. We ration out and limit electronic devices like Ipods, cell phones, tablets, etc. players. We only bring out the big guns like a DVD player on trips longer than 5 hours.  


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