Lighthouse Thoughts

Grief in Teens and Adolescents

How Teens and Adolescents Express Grief 
Physical symptoms (headaches, stomachaches)
Mood swings/Irritability
Verbally expresses emotions
Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness
 Increase in risk-taking and self-destructive behaviors
Anger, aggressive behavior, fighting; oppositional
Social Withdrawal, Withdrawal from adults
Sleeping and eating disorders
Inability to concentrate
Identity confusion
Test Limits
Ways to Help Teens and Tweens
 Recognize that they will experience mood swings and physical symptoms.
Encourage them to acknowledge their feelings
Respond with empathy.
Use honesty when explaining loss.
Help them develop their sense of identity
Encourage them to find positive outlets to express themselves
Encourage physical and creative activities
Encourage preteens to make good choices
Allow them the independence to make no risk choices.

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